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About CRIB Fertility School

CRIB (Christ has Reversed Infertility and Barrenness) is a program centered on breaking the cycle of Infertility and Barrenness in marriages, as well as unfruitfulness and stagnation in life and in the works of the hand. Over the years, CRIB has recorded numerous mind-boggling testimonies of conception, from different cases, all to the glory of God.

In order to reach more people and help them get greater results, the CRIB Fertility School was birthed.

The CRIB Fertility School is an online program designed to provide the knowledge, resources, and support required to break the cycle of infertility and barrenness in marriages. 

The school is uniquely structured to identify and tackle limiting factors, inspire faith, develop the right mindset, and create an enabling environment for conception, through :
📍Learning sessions delivered as audio classes
📍 Real-life
 testimonies from past participants 
📍Prayer sessions to connect with God
📍Fertility Clinic Sessions for advisory and support


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Who is the program for:
📍Properly married couples seeking the fruit of the womb
📍Anyone battling with a cycle of miscarriages 
📍Anyone battling health issues surrounding infertility 
📍Anyone who wants to wants to break the cycle of stagnation and unfruitfulness in any area of their life.

How does the School Run
How to Enrol
Register for the CRIB fertility school by Clicking on the Registration button 
This program can be taken from anywhere in the world.

The CRIB Fertility School is Hosted by Rev Oyiks Alfred.

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